Click Here to download the waiver

What To Bring:

Dress for outdoor activity
Wear sturdy footwear (Tennis shoes or hiking boots. No sandals or flip-flops, unless you like stickers and burrs in your feet)
Brimmed hat
Sun Block
Water bottle
Bathing suit
Pants (Not skirts or dresses if you want to do activities where you'll need a harness. Shorts are fine.)
Natural fibers only (No Rayon or Polyester. This is a safety policy, there is fire here.) 



A waiver must be completed for EVERYONE coming to Stunt Ranch. Minors without waivers will not be allowed to participate; adults without waivers will have to fill one out when they get here.  It's much easier if they are filled out in advance.  Please download the waiver here.


Ground Rules:

There is NO SMOKING anywhere Stunt Ranch property.
Alcohol is NOT permitted by field trip participants.
Alcohol IS permitted at social events and gatherings.
Follow the directions of any Stunt Ranch staff member. 


Pre-Outing Coordinator:

We prefer to have a single point of contact, even if you are coordinating for several groups. 



We really appreciate any feedback you can offer on what you and your kids liked, didn't like, and where we can improve.

If we're not getting better every day, we're not doing our job!